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WhAt InSpiReS yOu¿

WhAt InSpiReS yOu¿

After being asked what kind of art I enjoy making and what inpires me, this was the image that appeared in my mind that I would always want to just show people to answer their question. So I made a piece featuring all the characters that have had the biggest impact in not only my style of art, but in my own life. Each of these characters had a hand in me becoming the man I am today.

 As a nerdy kid from Queens, Spider-man came to mind right away, Batman for his immoveable will to do whats right, Spike always reminded me to stay calm, Anakin showed me no matter how strong we think we are life can get ugly without balance, Sora taught me to just follow my heart, Max Goof taught me that even a goof can be cool, Zuko showed me that our destiny is hardly what we expect, Harley is simply the dream girl from Brooklyn, Sypha strength is in everyone, and Naruto taught me to never go back on my word, and Ali reminded me that inspiration can come when we least expect it.

  • Graphite & Colored Pencil on 11"x 14" Paper

    Colored Drawing of Characters that have inspired me throughout my life and career


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